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One of my friends is doing his engineering from London’s prestigious school and was planning to settle there after graduating. But not many months ago, he told me about his new plan and that was shifting to Qatar and seeking a job that would allow him to settle well with his family. Yes Qatar is the place where there are great employment opportunities opening for new people. Arab countries, except United Arab Emirates, are not hit by the global recession and this explains the investment shift form western countries to the Gulf States. Jobs in Qatar are available for people who belong to professional field, be those engineers, marketers, accountants or teachers.


Qatar houses people form different parts of the country because Qatar’s industry is raising everyday. The best part about the job in the country is that the income is non taxable and allows the citizens to consume what they have earned. Qatar‘s economy is becoming self sustained and it not just relies on oil and gas exports but also moving towards setting up manufacturing industries. Rise of industries is giving a boost to the employment in this country and thus many people, like the one mentioned above are now considering moving towards this gulf city.


Since the news of FIFA world cup taking pace in Qatar in 2022, present and future of Qatar is likely to change for the good. Not only people are happy at their cultural victory but also hopeful of prospering as the great event is likely to create number of jobs for its citizens. Foreign direct investment is increasing in the country and it is likely to bring new technology and open new doors of employment for the people.

Jobs in Qatar

Since Qatar is a safe country jobs in gulf are likely to throng in this Gulf State. Before choosing the options of settling down, people consider the safety concerns in particular country and Qatar wins this bid as well. Crimes rate is extremely low and the violent crimes is equivalent to zero. A culturally safe country supported with the advanced lifestyle is likely to attract a number of expertises from around the world in Doha Qatar jobs . There are chances that people coming from foreign land are more likely to hold strategic positions in the jobs sector because of their exposure. But this does not mean that Qataris are lagging behind in education. The government is emphasizing on schools and universities as well so that industries hire local professionals who can contribute towards the prosperous future.

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      Having this in your mind would like to consider my application for this vacancy. If your organization considers my application; I am ready to appear for interview and exam without any restriction.
      Moreover my educational background is enclosed in my C.V (curriculum vita) for reference. I am highly motivated, duty minded, persuasive and polite person.

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