qatar lifestyle and jobs

qatar lifestyle

When my cousin was offered a job in Qatar, he was happy about the fact that he would be associated with a reputable engineering company in the country and the qatar lifestyle. I was little worried as to what lifestyle prevails in the country and whether he will find it easy to settle down there or not. After not much time, my cousin was singing on the tunes of Qatar and had always mentioned good things about the country which I could never come across. This article will help people make decision who have been offered employment in the country but considered alternatives because of lack of country’s lifestyle knowledge. Life in Qatar is comfortable since you can have all the amenities of life in a luxurious manner.

Jobs in Qatar

The most important aspect about qatar lifestyle that comes to mind, when settling in some other country, is its safety. Qatar is generally a very safe country with extremely low crime crates. There has not been any increase in the crime and violent crimes are absolutely non existent. So you can always move with your family to the country or just visit it as a tourist spot. The country discourages consumption of alcohol. It is only available in some bars and hotels and you have to pay heavy price if you want one. Drinking in public is illegal and people might get charged if they drink in public and family areas.
People of Qatar are extremely hospitable and warm. But the surprising thing is that they Qatari people are in a minority. The largest population comprises of Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Africans, Egyptians and others. This can be explained by the fact that Qatar is an extremely small country with small population but it had opened newer opportunities for people who have thronged the place from other parts of the world. Qatari people are fond of food and they know this art as well. Since there is a huge range of people, you can find wide varieties of delicious food too. Indian and Pakistani hotels are found easily along with international restaurant chains. Sea food is the specialty of Qatar and it is found in most as well as least expensive hotels.

Qatar lifestyle

Qatar offer good amount of entertainment given the fact that is a very small country. Though the entertainment facilities do not match any of western countries, one can get accustomed to the lifestyle of Qatar soon. There are night many clubs and late night parties taking place but you can always go for water and outdoor sports arranged well in the city. Shopping opportunities are also great in this country and one can come across huge malls which offer each and everything suitable for your wants and needs. Qatar hotels also give you utmost comfort if you visit the place as a tourist as hotel facilities are no less than any other four star hotel of the world.


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      Can you help me to find a good job for me, my experience in sales and marketing. I have GCC experience also.

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      I am a furniture maker, an architect, a craftsman and an amateur artist

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      Assistant accountant job

    • vinay kumar
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      Dear, can you find the assistant accountant job in Dubai, qatar,

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      help me to find job in Qatar i me assistant chef pastry

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